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THE question for James Patterson

The prolific author James Patterson was the subject of the Q and A in the New York Times book review section yesterday.

The operative word in that sentence is "prolific." The guy beats anything I ever saw in terms of productivity. His name is on almost everything that comes through the library other than the Wimberley View.

So, an in-the-know reader might expect the editors of the book review section to ask the single most obvious question that the curious in-the-know reader would ask if sitting down with James Patterson.

That question would be: How in the heck do you write so many darn books in such a short period of time?

And the follow-up would be: Who is helping you out with these writing chores, man?

But, that question just didn't occur to the editors?

Guess not. Because it's not asked and, thus, not answered.

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