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Out front in San Antonio

Reading about the new Connect area at the San Antonio Public Library just is not going to cut it. The more I read, the more I want to drive down there and see it for myself.

The facility just opened to the public, and everyone in the library business is buzzing about Connect, which is a place where you can access all kinds of technologies -- everything from very high-speed Internet to portable devices.

"Connect is an innovative, sleek 12,800 square foot space located at our Central Library downtown. Connect provides free, faster Wi-Fi that can handle more users; reduces public wait time by providing 114 desktop computers as well as 15 laptops, and 20 Google Nexus tablets for check-out; provides easier access to training opportunities; and educates about emerging technologies through our Technology Test Drive that features the OverDrive Media Stations." That quote comes from a public relations source, but it's not hype.

Sounds like the library of the future.


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