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Students and e-readers

Professors may be moving toward e-text books for their students, but students are not yet using e-readers to access those books.

The same poll that I cited in my last entry in this space -- produced by the Educause Center for Analysis and Research -- shows that only 16 percent of undergrads have an e-reader. That's up 4 percentage points from last year, though, so the growth is so-so.

That is not the case for the growth in ownership of tablets, which is up 15 percent year over year, and smartphone ownership, which rose 14 percent year over year.

Today, nearly 90 percent of undergrads have a laptop, and 76 percent have a smartphone.

Nearly 60 percent of them have three or more Internet-capable devices.

That tells you something about what they are spending money on, doesn't it?

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