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No books by women?

So, is David Gilmour smart or what?

Gilmour is a professor of literature at the University of Toronto. He was a pathetic unknown until this week when he burst into the big picture by telling an interviewer that he does not and will not teach books written by women, but for only two exceptions.

Niow David Gilmour is everywhere, widely excoriated as a woman-hater. He is the latest twit on Twitter.

Except, that's not the whole story.

The rest is that David Gilmour has also written a novel of his very own and it has just been published. So he and his publisher are not going to spend any of their marketing budget.

Keep that in mind.

Oh, and also this: There are 1.54 million college teachers in the United States alone. Surely, we can let just one hate women writers.

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