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You're under arrest!

Eight or nine years ago, I was doing a ride-along with a Wichita Falls police officer when he was sent to the station to arrest a woman who owed a lot of fines to the public library there.

I tagged along as he cuffed her and booked her into the Wichita County Jail. She was mortified, of course. I was, too.

I knew the City Council had passed a law allowing for the arrest of people who owed fines. I just never figured it would happen. And I certainly did not divine that I would be present for such an event.

Today, I see that a Copperas Cove man has been arrested for overdue book fines under a similar law. Fox News is making something out of it.

It does still seem a little radical to have a law like this, even to this librarian.

Good news, then: We started today our food for fines program. If you owe a fine you can bring a canned good to pay it off at a rate of $2 per canned item. The food goes to the food bank in Wimberley.

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