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Handing over the ID

When I voted last week at the Wimberley Community Center, I duly handed over my drivers license as required by law.

The woman working at the polls ran it through a scanner and handed it back to me.

That's probably the first time anyone has ever scanned my DL, and it surprised me. I thought the poll worker would just look at the DL and see if my name matched the information on the registered voter list and my voter registration card.

I don't know what the election folks get when they scan my license. Do they get the color of my eyes, my date of birth and the kind of DL it is? So they know that my license is only good if I wear glasses?

So, who can access the information that was scanned? Is that going to be for sale through the county elections office? Can the political parties buy that? Can Wal-Mart?

Just wonderin'.

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