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Best books?

What's the best work of fiction published this year?

The Goodreads Choice Awards were announced today, and the award for best work of fiction goes to "And the Mountains Echoed."

Several patrons who have read the Husseini book were not very high on it, frankly. And no one has come in yahooing and yodeling about it.

But, then, I haven't gotten a lot of feedback on many works of fiction produced in 2013.

As I have mentioned before, though, the most popular books so far this year are by Grisham and Balducci.

Goodreads' top nonfiction? "The Autistic Brain."

Best Young Adult Fiction? "Allegiant."

Best memoir/biography? "I Am Malala."

I don't think Goodreads Choice Awards are the same things as best-sellers.

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