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Thinking about an e-Christmas gift?

The new e-reading devices that have come out this year might have you thinking it's time to buy, say, a Kindle Fire or Paperwhite or something similar.

The prices are not too bad.

But you might want to borrow one from a friend before making the purchase as a gift to yourself.

Research shows that some people don't like to access books on e-readers because of eye strain. Others don't like them because you can't pass along a book you've read to someone else. And, of course, you cannot keep the copy on the bookshelf.

My own feeling is that e-books are so overpriced that booksellers, including Amazon, should just give you the e-reader, kind of like razor-makers almost give you the device so you'll have to keep buying blades.

Also consider that many of the most popular books are not going to be available at an e-library, because big publishers won't sell their properties to us. Before investing in an e-reader check to see if your favorite authors can be borrowed by going to our catalog web page and clicking on Overdrive.

If you plan to buy, do your homework first.

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