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Travis picking with van Ronk

Can't wait to see the much-loved movie "Inside Llewyn Davis."

A two-page ad in The New York Times this morning boils down a dozen or so rave reviews.

The Coen brothers based the movie in part on the life of Dave van Ronk, who my friends and I discovered about the time the film is set to explore -- 1961. We were all budding "folk" musicians, some much better than others. And van Ronk had a very original style that captured the essence of that pre-Dylan era.

I spent a lot of time trying to learn Travis picking, the guitar-playing technique that van Ronk perfected. I could do it moderately well, sometimes.

I have long since forgotten how to  Travis pick, and I'm so old and shaky that I doubt I could re-learn it.

But, I sure do want to hear that sound again coming out of monster speakers at a good theater in Austin.

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