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NSA and libraries

Back during the Cold War, some smart alec wandered into a public library somewhere and found a book on how to build a nuclear weapon.

A stunned media reported the incident, mainly to warn about how easy it might be for terrorists (or the Soviets) to get that kind of information.

So, libraries do have some potentially dangerous materials (not even mentioning the hazardous ideas that can be spread via the printed word).

Thinking about that got me to cogitating about whether the NSA, whose agents seem to have a lot of time on their hands, might have or might be snooping into what library patrons are reading.

I checked with the people at Biblionix, the company in Austin that provides our database management system. Clark Charbonnet of Biblionix said he's not heard of the NSA trying to get library data.

"If it helps any, in all the years with all of our customers, I have not heard of a single case where law enforcement wanted any patron data," he wrote me in an e-mail response to my questions.

OK. But, I wonder what Ed Snowden has in his treasure trove about libraries.

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