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H-E-B decision should help us

Prior to the City Council decision Thursday night on H-E-B's plan to open a store here, the library district took no official position on the matter.

Now that it is a done deal, it is safe to say that the district, which depends for income on sales tax revenue, will certainly benefit from the opening of a store right next door.

It's predictable that H-E-B will generate more revenue than our existing grocery store because so many people go to Dripping Springs or San Marcos to shop at the H-E-Bs there. It is also likely that when people go into DS and SM right now to shop H-E-B they also go other places. If they don't go to DS or SM, they might do more local shopping. That would also generate more sales tax revenue.

I understand that H-E-B will let some of our overflow park in their lot next to a brick fence they plan to erect between us and them. They plan a walk-through connecting us with them.

It's my opinion, and I don't speak for anyone else here at the library, that this is a good thing for Wimberley and our surrounding area.

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