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Coding is not for me

Last year I signed up for some online courses at Kahn Academy.

In mid-December, the folks at the Academy sent me a little gift via e-mail. It was a link to a program that would teach me how to code and thus make a simple Christmas card suitable for sending to family and friends.

The e-mail implied that the project would take about an hour.

I found that hour way after Christmas -- late last week, thanks to the lousy weather.

So, I learned to code. Well ... kinda.

I learned to do what they wanted me to do, which was very interesting but which resulted in a card I wouldn't send to anyone for anything.

The most important lesson I learned, however, was that I would much prefer to buy a card and send it than to code one. And I would certainly rather have someone produce a product that would let me build a card without having to know code.

For example, I know how to use InDesign by Adobe and Quark Xpress. Someone built the code that enabled me to produce newspaper pages with those products. But I didn't have to understand the code to make those software packages work.

Nope. Coding is not for me.

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