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Even better phone cameras

The first digital camera I looked at buying for my photojournalists was offered by the Associated Press at $25,000 per unit.

Needless to say, we just kept right on using film.

That was a long time ago in tech years.

Now, you can get a pretty darn good digital camera for a couple of hundred dollars, if not free. And it comes attached to your cell phone -- a bonus.

In today's American-Statesman it is reported that Samsung and other cell phone makers are planning to put even better cameras in their devices, perhaps approaching what you would pay hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars for in a pro-style camera.

A major question, to me, is whether this will provoke pro camera makers to lower their prices, which are astronomical by comparison.

I can understand paying a lot of money for lenses. But, for the body and software?

I'm not buying that.

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