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ILL-gotten gain

Since it's National Library Week, we're asking visiting patrons to write down on a huge sheet of butcher paper what they love about our library.

One woman just came in and said, in response, "Oh, there are so many things!"

And that's true.

At the top of my list as a patron, and not as a staff member, would have to be inter-library loan or ILL.

I think it's wonderful that I have free access to books and periodicals that are on the shelves and racks at this library, and it's doubly wonderful that I have access to the collections of hundreds of other libraries.

For example, I am doing some genealogical research on my family in Hopkins County, Texas, during Reconstruction. We don't have anything about Hopkins County. But, I've been able to use ILL to find out all kinds of interesting things.

And that's not because I did anything special or complicated. I just filled out a form at the circulation desk, and a volunteer by the name of Gerin Hood spent a whole lot of time finding the books and pamphlets for me.

She'll do the same thing for you.

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