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Why do public institutions in Texas make it so hard for people to apply for jobs with them?

A man who grew up and lived most of his life in Louisiana moved here recently, and he has been coming to the library every day to use one of our public-access computers.

I struck up a conversation with him some time back and discovered that he was a coach and teacher in Louisiana and is trying to find a coaching and/or teaching job in this area. To do so, he must find an opening and then apply online to every individual school or district. Each resume-building websiste is different, so there is no cutting and pasting. In his home state, he told me, there is a central repository for his resume and it can be uploaded from there to any district because they all accept a single style and type.

Why can't Texas have something like that?

When I "retired" back in 2007, I started looking for a job in the Austin area in state government. Every agency had its own resume requirements, and every one of them I talked to said they would not take a paper resume. The job application had to be filled out onliine.

At that point I was in my early 60s, and I had a work history dating back to age 12. To be thorough, I wanted to include all those jobs, and there were a ton. For example, I worked in four restaurants during high school alone.

So, why can't state agencies use one resume or application form, and why can't a job-seeker cut and paste?

Why are Texans making it so hard?

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