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The e-book author experience

A couple of weeks ago, an author who had ventured into the world of e-publishing lamented in a New York Times piece the very small amount of money he made for all his trouble and talent.

He was lucky enough to get an advance, albeit small. And he figured he had not yet made enough sales to cover that meager sum.

If this is the future of publishing, he suggested, it was not going to be a bright one for anyone involved.

And I'm thinking that for now, he's probably right. The folks who are making money are the big names, the Pattersons, the Baldaccis, the Nora Robertses, etc. Only if you can somehow get your work to go vira will you be a winner in the low-dollar game now being played out in the e-verse.

Other than clucking one's tongue, what's to be done?

Actually, I dunno.

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