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Print may be better

In the last blog I asked the question of whether there is a difference in comprehension for people who read on tablets as opposed to those who read printed books from the same material.

Some of the latest research indicates there is a difference and not in favor of tablet reading matter.

Benjamin Herold writes on the Digital Education Blog sponsored by Education Week about two studies presented at a national conference. Both showed significantly less comprehension among students who accessed material via tablet compared to those who read the material in printed-on-paper format.

I did find another interesting takedown of similar research by John Jones, posted in November of last year at dmlcentral.

But, from what I can tell by googling the question, tablet is not as good as print.

My newspaper career spanned 45 years and a huge change in the technologies used to write and edit news articles and features. It was my experience and observation that reporters and editors made more errors and wrote more poorly on computers than they did when using typewriters.

I concluded that there was some issue involving comprehension on the screen as opposed to on the printed page.

Nothing I have read so far persuades me to change my mind.

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