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Service fees

All across the country libraries of every size are charging a limited fine for the return of late materials, as I have noted in earlier blogs. We seem to fall right in line with our late fine of 10 cents per day for books and $1 per day for movies. But larger libraries are also seeing income from various fees for services rendered. For example, some libraries charge a fee for people who don't live in their service area to get a library card. I think Austin is doing this now. The median out-of-area fee is $32. Some libraries also charge significant fees for use of their public rooms. The median fee is $30 per hour. We have just one public-access meeting room. It holds about 50 people. We don't charge any fee at all for public use of that space. Almost all libraries charge a fee for inter-library loans, and the median is $3. We charge $2. We are also lower in terms of fees we charge for copying. The median fee for a b/w copy is 15 cents. We charge 10 cents. The median fee for a color copy is 50 cents. We charge 40 cents. And some libraries charge admission fees for events. We charge nothing. Any way you look at it, we are offering a bargain experience!
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