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A small crime, but still ...

Perhaps it is one of Vladimir Putin's lesser crimes, but still it's notable for what it tells us about the man who leads Russia and wants to tilt the world to his way of thinking.
Natalia Sharina was put on trial recently for not being careful enough about perpetuating official Russian lies about the Ukraine.
Sharina was director of the Moscow Library of Ukrainian Literature, and on the shelves in storage were some materials that suggested that Ukraine had a history that was separate from the one Russians want to try to perpetuate, ala the methods of Stalin and Goebels.
The New York Times published a recent editorial about the trial, noting that Sharina was guilty of nothing beyond being a librarian.
She simply did not go along with the Newspeak way of the Putinistas.
"But in Vladimir Putin’s Russia, rights, responsibilities and the law have fallen prey to the old Soviet notion that any deviation from the position or the lies of the state is liable to be prosecuted under vague anti-extremism legislation," The Times opined.
Everywhere there are warnings to our way of governing if we fall victim to the same kind of thing in the facile notion that we will be safer or stronger or better for it.
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