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Come see our garden

If you're out and about this weekend, stop by the library and take a quick walkaround the property.
Thanks to area master gardeners, we have a spectacular Hill Country floral setting now.
Right outside our back door, we have a beautiful array of plants, ground-huggers and cloud-lovers.
And out back is a rich array of bluebonnets and friends.
Now may be the best time to see this array. Come see and we'll try to tell you what we have planted out there.

Exciting development

It doesn't take much to get us excited here in Wimberley. And even less at the library.
So, bear that in mind when I tell you that we have a food truck that's locating right across the street from us on RR 2325.
Our town doesn't  have many food trucks. In fact, up until now I think we have had just one. I'm not even sure when it is open.
This new food truck is called Pho 'licious. The early publicity indicates it will serve Asian, Cajun and Texan food, which sounds like a very interesting combination, indeed.
Rumor has it that the truck will be open for business Saturday.
I'll be happy to stand in line to see what's in store.

We win!

As it happens all of us ordinary folks who make even the most extraordinary of mistakes were inadvertent winners in last night's Oscars presentation ceremony.
By now you've heard about how Price Waterhouse screwed up the handling of envelopes with the names of the Oscar winners for Best Movie. Warren Beatty and Faye Dunaway first announced that "La La Land" was winner. Then after those folks had taken the stage, whooping it up and making speeches, the Price Waterhouse people came out and said, Uh-Oh, we goofed! The real winner was "Moonlight."
Today, they're calling it be biggest flub in Academy Awards history.
I call it vindication for the rest of us poor mortals who try our best every day not to screw up and still do.

A shrinking demand

I've been circulation librarian for five years now, and in all that time I have had exactly one inquiry about our genealogy collection.
For most of that time we had several shelves set aside for genealogical research. The materials were never checked out and never looked at, at least while I was here.
So, a few months ago we went through the collection with local genealogists and pared the items down to bare necessities.
I'm not sure what that involved, but still no one asks for anything about genealogy.
That's with one exception: Ancestry.com. Some time ago we added a library version of Ancestry to our database offerings, which are free to patrons. The library version is not as robust as the one that you can subscribe to for several hundred dollars a year, but, again, our version is free of charge. Several people have asked about access to Ancestry through the library website.
Just a sign of changing times, I think.


Our library Movie Maven (the person who orders all of our DVDs) has made her predictions about this year's Oscar winners.
And the envelope please ...
Best Picture: La La Land
Best Director: Damien Chazel
Best Actor: Casey Affleck
Best Actress: Emma Stone
Best Supporting Actor: Mahershala Ali
Best Supporting Actress: Viola Davis
She says Moonlight migh win over La La Land.
Watch the show Sunday!
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