Worried about boys

Among many other things, librarians are worrying these days about boys not reading.

John Keilman, a columnist for the Chicago Tribune, wrote a piece for today that's been picked up and tweeted around about the trouble with boys and why they won't or don't read.

He talked to Peg Tyre, author of "The Trouble With Boys," and she told him that boys don't read because they think it's a girlie thing, first of all. And because most teachers and librarians are women, these folks aren't pushing boys to read. Nor are parents reading as much to little boys as they do to little girls.

The result is that boys fall behind in school, Keilman writes.

Not sure about all that.

I don't remember doing much reading until I got into junior high, although maybe I did and those memories have left the building like so many others.

We could get our son to read only graphic novels when he was a kid. I was happy he would do that. I don't think he's ever read a regular book through to the end. He's turned out great despite that.

I brought my grandsons to the library last summer, and they chose to take home the kinds of books I would have predicted: nonfiction, such as the book of weird stuff around Texas and the book of world records. I was proud they decided to take anything at all.

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