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The newspaper story lead paragraph of the year belongs to one Cameron McWhirter, whose story in last weekend's Wall Street Journal about genealogy began this way:
"I am descended, at least partially, from liars."
McWhirter then details the unfolding untruths that he was told by his parents about who his family was and where they came from.
What they said was somewhat less than truthful, as he notes in his opening.
And, boy, is he not alone.
I wonder how many people were told whoppers by their parents and grandparents and are just now finding out they didn't actually descend from Hiawatha and/or King Richard III and/or Eric the Red.
I have done a little digging around on Ancestry.com, enough to know that what my dad told me was pretty much true: I'm a white bread kind of guy with roots in Scotland and England, period. That has been a source of great disappointment to my daughters, who hoped we had roots back in the land of the Choctaws.
I have not had the definitive DNA tests that are out there, and probably will not have one. I am interested in my ancestry. I am not interested in knowing whether I will get cancer or Alzheimer's.
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