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Phone for all?

Tim Cook spent some time today defending the pricing of the new iPhone that goes on sale tomorrow.
Business Insider reported on his comments, among which were ones that pointed out that Apple does have some products that are actually below $400.
I'm not sure what those would be.
Certainly not the new iPhone. It is going to cost around $1,000.
That kind of takes my breath away.
I mean, I operate day in and day out with a smartphone that I bought from Wal-Mart for about $70, and it came with a month of free service. I don't even have a contract.
So, it is really hard for me to imagine what I would do with a $1,000 phone. Please tell me.
I know what I could do with the $1,000 I wouldn't spend on iPhone. I could buy two or three Dell laptops and a couple of desktops. I'd almost have enough money to buy an Apple laptop, but not quite.
Consumer electronic doo-dads are worth what people will pay, and for a reason I cannot fathom they will pay for Apples.
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