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Keillor would be proud

Remember Lake Woebegon?
That's Garrison Keillor's imaginary village where, among many other things, all the kids were above average.
Can you imagine such a place?
Well, look around. It seems that we all increasingly live in a Lake Woebegon. All kids everywhere are above average.
They are so above average that in some communities a quarter to a third of the graduating seniors are valedictorians!
The Wall Street Journal's Tawnell D. Hobbs reported on this strange phenomenon this past weekend in an article with this headline: "You're All No. 1! High Schools Say 'Vale' to the Valedictorian."
It seems that many high schools have done away with the valedictorian competitive run because it's all gotten, well, too competitive. The implicit idea seems to be the competition is a bad thing. I'm not sure why. After all, many high schools have football teams, right? They compete, right? What's the difference?
I don't know.
On the other hand, is it possible that there are so many valedictorians in one school because the coursework is too easy?
I don't know about that, either.
I actually regard this as just another trendy happening in public education. I suspect that it, too, shall pass.
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