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Library envy

Last spring, several library staff members and supporters drove to area libraries to get ideas for what we might want in the way of expanded services or spaces in our own library here in Wimberley.
I must say that the library that left the most lasting impression on me was the public library in Seguin, east of New Braunfels on I-10.
The library is about a year old now. It was constructed of glass and steel on a beautiful creek in downtown, thanks to passage of a $14.5 million bond issue sponsored by the city, which owns and operates the library.
The facility is an acre under glass on two floors.
It's pretty spectacular when you look at the library itself and the lot it sits on. If they had a cafeteria and a bunk bed, I could just move in there and live.
Another of our number went over to look at the Seguin library yesterday, and he came back with the same rave review. Both of us are wondering how we might get some of that drama in our own expansion plan.
None of us has been to the new Austin library in downtown yet. It must be pretty darn special, though. It cost about $630 per square foot, which puts its cost on a footing with the most expensive libraries in California, where prices are always, always higher than anywhere else.
I'll get over there some day for a tour. But, I can't imagine it's better than what they have put together in Seguin.
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