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Carroll Wilson

carroll finalCirculation Librarian

As a younger man, Carroll Wilson loved anything associated with speed – hotrods, dragsters, jet airplanes and even 10-speed bikes.

Unfortunately he never outgrew those passions even though he aged out of the desire to drive fast, fly fast and ride fast
just as he also found he could no longer afford to pay the price to accelerate
beyond the norm.

Wilson had an innate interest in tinkering
that led to an amateur education in science and technology, which led to his current passion for helping young and old with projects like learning to solder, working
with Arduinos and making stuff with 3D printers.

In the world of work, Wilson built stories
with words and sentence. He became editor in chief of two newspapers and several magazines, as well as an author of other published projects.

His reading ranges from economics to technology, futurism to military history to travel and the fictional works of authors such as John Grisham and John Irving.

Today, he is our circulation librarian, available to help anyone and everyone link up with their growing fascinations, both in hands-on activities and in more cerebral endeavors. Ask Carroll about anything. If he doesn’t have an answer, he’ll know where to find one.

Favorite books: Nonfiction, especially relating to World War II and today’s economy; literary fiction.
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