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Kristina Minor

Kristina final 3Teen Librarian

Kristina has had many dreams come true. After studying English at UT, she taught language arts in a small Texas town, where she met her husband. They sold their cars, jumped on a plane and spent a year backpacking across Europe.
Upon returning to the States, she attended graduate school and received her master’s degree with a concentration in, of course, English literature. After the birth of their two amazing little girls, they made a home in a quiet, south Austin neighborhood where   they walked to school and rode bikes to Zilker Park, and watched many, many movies. They also vacationed at Rio Bonito in Wimberley every summer, always renting their tried-and-true cabin No. 8.
In order to stay home with the girls those first several years, she started a cottage industry photographing and hand-painting black-and-white portraits of children. As her girls started middle and high school, Kristina began reading the Young Adult literature they were bringing home from school. She was drawn back to the classroom and carried her new passion for YA lit to her east Austin teens where she introduced them to many of the popular authors and enjoyed seeing some of them read their first book ever. Awesome!
After her girls graduated from high school, she loaded up her pack of dogs and left the city behind. In 2012, Kristina applied for the position of Young Adult Librarian here at our library where she continues to read and work with teens.
Favorites include: Victorian literature, historical fiction, some non-fiction and Young Adult lit. Favorite authors are: Jane Austen, Wilkie Collins, Philippa Gregory, David Rosenfelt. As for YA, she reads anything by Neal Shusterman and Michael Grant.
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